Are you kidding me? My experience with peptides as a leading functional health coach

 Wow! I wish that I had have known more about peptides, in particular BPC 157, earlier. Maybe I would have suffered much less with the aches and pains that regular exercise and my job ( involving physical work), turn into normality.

Peptides are small proteins made up of amino acid sequences. The proteins that we get from our diet are usually larger and made up of one or more polypeptide molecules. Peptides are that important for our body that they are broken down by specific gastric enzymes into smaller peptides. The smaller peptides, with distinct amino acid sequences, have different functions in our body, from healing to hormonal regulation, sleep, energy, neurological function and longevity. Most peptides have multiple benefits as they regulate the activity of particular molecules, therefore influencing certain functions. Each of these functions has its own peptide bio-regulator. When these bio-regulators are active, cells, tissues and organs can regenerate faster.

How does BPC-157 work.

BPC stands for “body protection compound” and has been related to “healing like Wolverine”. In my case the results have been nothing short of incredible. I have suffered with epicondylitis (tennis elbow) in both arms for over three years. This has been caused by the manually intensive nature of my work and high intensity workouts with weights. For three years I have had a discomfort at the end of every day. Without fail. Massages have helped. Acupuncture has too. But no treatment had any real chance of long-lasting results due to the fact that I was inflaming my arms daily, not allowing these treatments to have a lasting affect.

After two months of daily subcutaneous (under the skin) injections of BPC157, my pain had totally vanished. On top of that, my training – work routine hasn’t exacerbated the problem. I also discovered that BPC157 ,as a potent healing agent, is also reported to help heal a leaky gut.This is a massive plus as most of us have a degree of leaky gut occurring due to certain inflammatory foods, alcohol , sugar and other foods that we consume in our diets. My experience with BPC157 has been enlightening, encouraging and one that has left me wanting to share with others. None of us are exempt from the resultant inflammation and tissue damage that exercise, modern life, bad posture and incorrect diet do to our body. Having a peptide like BPC157 to counteract and compensate for this continual process is worth gold to me, especially when I am at a time of my life when  living free of limitations enables me to design the healthiest life possible for myself.


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