Human optimisation, also referred to as biohacking, sees the body as a system and improves the whole system for optimal wellness. ”The main thing that separates a biohacker from the rest of the self-improvement world is a systems-thinking approach to our own biology,” says Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey. Optimal performance can only be achieved if the body is optimised.

So what are the health benefits of human optimisation?

The concept of optimal performance is not limited to the physical and is measured in more ways than the bench press at the gym. Optimal performance also includes boosting the brain’s performance by increasing your ability to think well, process information, sustained focus, mental speed and memory.

Human optimisation also includes enhanced optimum health in areas such as cardiovascular function, wound healing acceleration, and hormone function.

As we age the body cycling of cells starts to slow down meaning muscles start to naturally waste, bone density reduces, cognitive functionality slows, and those niggling injuries start to appear more often. After the age of 30 ageing starts to take control and rapidly increases and the years stack-up, marking the shortening of your healthy lifespan. 

When it comes to biohacking to improve our healthspan, peptides are playing an increasingly important role in this space. Most peptides have multiple benefits as they regulate the activity of particular molecules, therefore influencing certain functions. Each of these functions has its own peptide bioregulator. When these bioregulators are active, cells, tissues and organs can regenerate faster.

Surfer Brendan Wood, a BIOV8 patient, is a good example of this. Brendan injured his shoulder surfing which resulted in requiring surgery to repair his rotator cuff, subacromial decompression and a bicep tenodesis procedure. His health practitioner referred him to our Rapid Repair Peptide Bundle to assist and fast track the healing process.

How do peptides repair injuries?

The BIOV8 Rapid Repair Bundle has been specially designed by our medical team harnessing a number of widely researched peptides that work in harmony to delivery effective and rapid results, from tendon and muscle repair, to bone and intestine repair.  Our Medical Team talk through the perfect protocol to address the following:  muscle and tendon healing; decreases inflammatory response; repairs intestines, bone, teeth, brain tissue, and the cornea and also produces more type 1 collagen.  The research is extensive. Refer to this clinical research article published on PubMed:,including%20transected%20rat%20Achilles%20tendon.

Brendan commenced the BIOV8 Rapid Repair Peptide Bundle three days post operation and self administered the peptides over a four month period. Brendan’s associates who previously had similar procedures done were amazed with his quick recovery compared to their own and at his five month check-up with his specialist, his specialist remarked “what a great recovery”. Brendan is now back doing light freestyle swimming, flat water paddling and is working towards being back in the surf next month. 

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