BIOV8 Launches Total Human Optimisation in Australia


Imagine looking younger, feeling stronger and thinking clearer…. 

A growing number of scientists are questioning our basic conception of aging. What if the array of diseases that strike us in old age are symptoms, not causes? What would change if we classified aging itself as the disease?

You may have heard of preventative tailored healthcare and human optimisation, and you have probably heard of this mega trend that has the trainers for the stars rejoicing. Well, Total Human Optimisation is now activating in Australia with the launch of BIOV8 Clinics - the online specialised clinic offering a range of premium products that enhance your cognitive functionality through to nailing your peak body performance and with the aim to ultimately slowing down the aging process. 

BIOV8 is Australian made, backed by science and supported by medical professionals. 

Total Human Optimisation backed by science.

Fundamentally built on the scientific findings of David Sinclair, an Australian geneticist at Harvard Medical School and expert at the forefront of this movement, Total Human Optimisation and BIOV8 have leveraged decades of research to formulate solutions that are tailor made for the individual. Sinclair believes that medicine should view aging not as a natural consequence of growing older, but as a condition in and of itself. 

Sinclair is convinced that ageing should be considered a standalone, treatable disease. This is a more radical proposition than it may at first seem. It’s so radical, in fact, that no government in the world has endorsed this definition. 

As we age the body cycling of cells starts to slow down meaning muscles start to naturally waste, bone density reduces, cognitive functionality slows, and those niggling injuries start to appear more often. After the age of 30 ageing starts to take control and rapidly increases and the years stack-up, marking the shortening of your healthy lifespan. 

The concept of BIOV8 and Total Human Optimisation, as backed by science, provides a genuine solution that is now readily available in Australia, after showing phenomenal growth in the US and Europe. 

BIOV8 are excited to hit the ground running with their official launch this week. 

BIOV8’s clinic is dedicated to the total human optimisation theory, providing the highest quality performance enhancing wellness solutions that allow anyone, no matter age, gender, size or ability to reach and maintain peak performance.The clinic has partnered with leading Australian medical pharmacies to develop medicines designed to slow the aging process and extend the 'healthspan' of Australians. 

The company offers a super simple medical review process that allows you to select 'bundles' suited to the goals you are aiming to achieve. As part of the 'tailored' service new members are provided with a complementary online consultation with their medical experts - allowing you an informed chat about the perfect tailored solution for you. The BIOV8 team specialises in providing the tools needed to reach peak performance both mentally and physically, and believe that to truly live a long and fulfilling life you have to be healthy in all aspects of your life. The cutting edge premium pharmaceutical grade products, which are manufactured in Australia, are designed to support areas of mental and physical performance, anti-aging, lean muscle mass and strength and conditioning.

BIOV8 is designed to help you discover your full potential.

As more than just another “wellness brand”, BIOV8 is committed to raise the bar - advocating the science behind their products. The BIOV8 offering is jam packed with amazing pharmaceutical grade solutions formulated specifically to get you to your optimum health. The added bonus is that all of the BIOV8 range are vegan and keto friendly as well as gluten free.

BIOV8 literally thinks outside the box (and helps your body do some extra thinking too), knowing that the concept of performance is not limited to the physical and measured in more ways than the bench press at the gym. Cognitive enhancers such as Nootropics are designed and part of the BIOV8 portfolio to boost the brain’s performance by increasing your ability to think well and process information.   

BIOV8 are passionate about brain function and want to make sure performance is at its peak with its offering of BIOV8 Brain, just one piece to the body puzzle, – a universal nootropic supplement designed to promote sustained focus, mental speed and memory. BIOV8 Brain is a whole brain optimising supplement that allows you to hit your peak overall mental performance. This universal nootropic is the ultimate multivitamin for your brain, that helps with short term performance, energy, long-term health, memory and brain function. 

Healthy mind – check, now onto the healthy body…sure BIOV8 can set up their customers with a range of performance enhancing products, like peptides, to help build and shred, but what about taking it back a step and starting with changing the way you age? The online clinic powered by a cutting-edge medical team backed by years of experience who are passionate about tailored solutions is dedicated to providing a range of products which support and enhance optimum health in areas such as cardiovascular function, wound healing acceleration, and hormone function.

A movement which has the support of science and stars alike….

MMA and trainer to the stars Joe Rogan is a keen advocate of the use of beneficial supplements to optimise preventative health. Rogan, who is 53, speaks openly in the media about his “supplement stack”, advocating their benefits to extend his health span.Rogan is quoted as saying: “I do everything that I can to put my body and my brain in a good place so I'm keeping my engine smooth. I'm changing my oil; I'm changing my spark plugs and I'm making sure that it's operating. It's not going to be perfect but I know that I've done my best to keep it operating to the best it can." 

Rogan understands that the approach must be holistic and indeed inclusive of a “Total Human” approach. For the star, this includes a strict exercise regime but also an acknowledgement that the human body needs time to rest between workout sessions to repair tissue, replenish energy stores and heal injuries. Rogan believes that these periods of inactivity are necessary to allow for muscle tissue, connective tissue, the nervous system, and skeletal system to recover.  In addition to this, Rogan advocates a healthy diet (which for the star is primarily ketogenic) and the use of deep breathing techniques. Rogan is often quoted as discussing his “six breaths in, six breaths out” technique, following the academic train of thought that when we feel stressed, our brain releases cortisol, but taking in deep breaths our heart can control the flow of oxygen into the bloodstream  - More oxygen in the blood also equals higher levels of nutrients and vitamins.

With endorsements such as those of Rogan and the backing of world renown science, BIOV8 are excited to be at the forefront of the Total Human Optimisation offering to Australians. BIOV8 knows that to get to the optimum destination support is key and has set the standard in the field by offering both potential and ongoing customers complimentary consultations with doctors, ensuring clients are accessing the ideal products for their needs confidently and safely. 

Nothing comes without dedication and persistence – but BIOV8 can help make the journey that little bit easier.


  • Tailored preventative health care designed to avoid the issues that arise with ageing and extend your health lifespan.
  • A scientifically backed and proven clinic offering a range of products for total human optimisation 
  • Telehealth consultations available to ensure everything you take, is right for your goals 
  • Nutritionists and other experts on hand to help consult on BIOV8 products 
  • Cutting edge premium pharmaceutical grade products, which are manufactured in Australia
  • Products are designed for your goals in mind and to support areas of mental and physical performance, anti-aging, lean muscle mass and strength and conditioning
  • Products launched are for lean muscle mass, weight loss, injury repair and recovery, anti-aging, gut health and immunity, focus and brain, mood and sleep, sexual health