Buying Australian Peptides Online – here’s your ultimate roadmap

So, you’ve heard about peptides and how they are newest growth trend in the healthcare and wellness industry, both in Australia and globally.  But how do you source the best peptides directly online, and who provides this type of advice?

Let’s start with quality

Like any product, whether it be medical or otherwise, not all are of the same quality. That said, when looking to buy any medicine it’s pretty important to put quality at the top of your list. Saying that, how do you source the best quality peptides with peace of mind?

 Peptides, from the very popular weight loss peptides to injury repair peptide stacks and cognitive enhancers, come in various forms depending on the size of the amino acid molecule. In general, most peptides are available in an injectable form, typically administered subcutaneously, while others may be available as transdermal creams, capsules or nasal sprays. In any case the peptide solution is made up of the raw peptide material, and the quality and quantity of this raw material will dictate the efficacy.

 In a nutshell if the quality is poor or the raw material has past it’s expiry date, then the results you should receive just won’t happen. This is also the case if the quantity of the raw material is less than advertised. As such you would be shelling out money for inferior product and will probably not see any benefits you’d expect to see. Basically, a waste of money and time. Avoid!

 As a worst case your product may even contain contaminants or completely different ingredients all together. This could lead to serious health issues. Again avoid!


Even though it is illegal to import peptides into Australia (you are only able to buy Australian made peptides within Australia) some people are dazzled by the low prices they see online and buy peptides that have no quality control. This means you simply don’t know what you are getting.


The reason laws have been enacted in Australia in regard to compounding peptides in Australia is to ensure premium peptide products are made available to the Australian public. Raw materials are required to be sourced from reputable licenced pharmaceutical companies, and strict compounding processes must be adhered to in sterile laboratory environments.


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There are a number of high-quality compounding pharmacies within Australia that have excellent facilities and quality controls to ensure premium quality. Online clinics, such as BIOV8 Clinics, will only partner with these licenced professional pharmacies.

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Delivery and storage

 Peptides can be purchased online in the raw powder form or in a final form ready for use. If you are interested in the raw powder form you will need to reconstitute your peptide powder with bacteriostatic water. The benefit of purchasing the raw powder is that there is no need for cold packed delivery, however you will need to ensure the quality of the raw material and also ensure you reconstitute your solution to the correct potency, before refrigeration.

 Saying that, the vast majority of people order their peptide solutions direct in the final ‘ready-to-use’ form. This ensures the correct potency is delivered and compounding has been completed in a sterile laboratory. If you are ordering ‘ready-to-use’ peptides then it is critical the clinic you are ordering from offers express courier cold chain delivery. This will mean the product is packed with ice packs and is delivered directly to you within 3 days to ensure the quality is retained.

 It is important once you receive your delivery to place your peptide solution in the fridge, and best to avoid excessive light also.


How do I get quality advice?

Because peptides are a highly specialised medicine not every medical practitioner is equipped with the knowledge to offer sound advice. In fact, many GPs will have little or no knowledge of the growing range of peptides available, their uses and protocols. In many cases GPs will simply advise against the use of peptides and they do not have the required knowledge.

Specialised knowledge is critical whether you are interested in peptides for lean muscle mass, rapid injury repair, cognitive functionality, or weight loss. There are various peptide stacks that can be designed to provide a tailored solution for the individual – meaning you get maximum results with confidence.

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There are some great social network groups, like Reddit, that will be able to provide you with Australian peptide reviews or the names of medical practitioners and clinics who specialise in this area. Otherwise, it is best to ask whether the online peptide clinic you are looking to purchase from offers specialised advice. The BIOV8 Clinic not only provides significant online information and research on their site ( across a huge range of peptides, but they also offer complementary telehealth consultations with their expert medical team to ensure clients are able to ask questions and receive the right dosage protocols suitable to the individual.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the BIOV8 team:


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