How Effective are these Obesity Treatments for Managing Weight?

How Effective are these Obesity Treatments for Managing Weight?


Obesity is a condition that plagues almost 67 percent of the Australian population, as per the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ National Health Survey, 2017–18. While the pandemic prevented the collection of physical measurements in the recent 2020-2021 National Health Survey, statistics show that obesity is only expected to increase. According to a report released by the OECD, nearly one in three Australian adults are obese, living an average of 2.7 years less due to this condition.


The good news is that obesity is being taken more seriously with every passing day. In fact, earlier this year, Australia’s first National Obesity Strategy was launched, creating a decade-long “framework for action to prevent, reduce, and treat, overweight and obesity in Australia”.


Let’s take a look at the most commonly available treatments that are used by doctors to help obese and overweight patients manage and achieve their weight goals.




For many people, simply exercising and conforming to a strict diet is not enough. This may be due to their genetic makeup, with research suggesting that genes may cause the predisposition to be overweight to be as high as 70 to 80 percent.


If you’ve heard of a theory called the Set Point Theory, you probably know that recent studies have indicated that the body has a set point weight that it will fight to maintain. Therefore, say if I’m exercising harder to lose weight, my body may slow down my metabolism rate, in order to stick to that set point weight.


In cases like these, prescription medication may be an effective way to help one get started on their weight management journey. BIOV8 has a fantastic team that is passionate about helping you smash those goals you may have set for yourself. The process is very simple- register and fill up the short questionnaire. This helps us assess how we can assist you. After you place your order, a doctor will review your current status and answer any questions that you may have via a telehealth consultation, all from the comfort of your home. Take a look at the website here.


Weight loss medication typically tends to involve Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonists. This is a form of medication that mimics a hormone (Glucagon-like peptide-1) that is produced by the body in the gut. It helps to decrease the appetite and keep you feeling full for longer.


Weight Management Programs or Services 


Doctors and nutritionists may often refer you to weight management programs. These may involve a combination of dietary advice, exercise routines, and medication. The great thing about such programs is that they are tailor-made to suit you. Studies have shown that customised health advice is often way more beneficial to attain weight management goals, compared to standard cookie cutter advice.

Weight Management Devices


There has been a recent influx of weight loss or weight management devices in the market, including products like electrical stimulators, gastric bands, gastric balloon systems and gastric emptying systems.


These devices must be used as supplements to a healthier diet and exercise routines. 


It is important to note that since these devices are relatively new, there isn’t much long-term information available on their efficacy. Doctors may also be more likely to exhaust other options before prescribing such devices, as many of these options may cause discomfort to individuals.




Medical procedures like Bariatric surgery may also be recommended in certain situations. However, different types of bariatric surgery come with their own set of risks. Surgery is certainly an extreme solution for weight loss, and it might be wiser to consider other options if feasible.


A doctor or healthcare professional must be consulted before you decide on the best option for you to manage your weight.


In Conclusion


There is sufficient scientific evidence available now that proves that weight loss medication (and increasing peptide treatments), in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle will be extremely effective in helping to meet your weight management goals.


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