How to get the most of out your peptide cycle

As you may know Peptide Therapy has been a powerful treatment option for decades in many countries around the world, and also used within the world of human performance for over 20 years - from rapid injury repair, to cell health, and lean muscle mass.

The great news it that powerful treatment has now become a viable option to the general public, enabling science to deliver a range of solutions that improve the 'health-span', ranging from promoting everyday improvements to addressing a variety of chronic and acute issues. Given peptides have highly specific and targeted functions and well-tolerated by most, they have taken the health and wellness world by storm.

In a nutshell peptides encourage the body, via signalling, neurotransmitters, hormones, and enzymes, to enhance complementary protocols to a healthy lifestyle. Think of it this way; our cells are functionally intelligent, we’re just giving them the ability to activate this functional intelligence.

Simply put, peptides are a string of amino acids, which can then bind together to form a protein and help the body perform at its best, however it is critical to set an ideal environment for them to shine. Here are some things that can help:


1. Eating right

Eating the right foods is key to achieving your desired goals. In society today so many foods are dense in calories but due to over processing they are lacking in the nutrients needed, as such leaving your body lacking the nutrients it needs to thrive!

It is critical to take note of what you eat - select the right foods with the right  nutrients whenever you can. Your body is an engine, feed it the right fuel and it will run the way you want it to.

BIOV8 is fully committed supporting our members with the right nutrition plan to reach tailored goals. We have a dedicated Nutritional Expert on our team to support this  commitment. Feel free to reach out to our team to discuss this further.


2. Fasting

Fasting is a huge conversation at the moment, and very much a key topic in health and fitness. Fasting has been proven to increase brain function and increase growth hormone secretion, which is key to any growth hormone releasing peptide (GHRP).  There has also been studies that show it improves heart health, blood pressure and regulation of blood sugar levels. Also, if your trying to lose weight its a pretty good way to put your calorie restriction centre stage!!

When it comes to peptide protocols, taking any GHRP peptide in a fasted state is essential as it allows the peptide to activate and do its job at an optimal level. So remember the rule of thumb: No eating 2 hours before or 1 hour after!


3. Exercising, both aerobically and with resistant training

Your body has to be put under stress to improve. Aerobic exercise helps your cardiovascular health improve and resistance training is key to building muscle..... and your testosterone levels - which is very important for many functions in the human body.

For some more information check out our previous blog "Why our muscles are the most powerful anti-ageing treatment we have"

Combining regular aerobic and resistance training is proven to drastically improve your results and help you get the most of your peptide cycle. Put together an achievable weekly timetable and stick to it.... and the results will come.

Want some more advice on training programs, feel free to reach out to the BIOV8 Team at anytime. 

4. Sleep

Sleeping is where your body is putting in the work, by creating new cells, building and repairing itself. Your Stage 4 REM cycle sleep ( also known as Delta Sleep) is where all the miracles of anti-ageing take place. Make no mistake, without good sleep, everything else is pointless. The theory promoting only a few hours sleep each night has been completely debunked by clinic trails and science. Enjoy that zzzzz time!

We suggest getting 8 hours a sleep to give your body the best possible chance to excel and thrive. If this isn't possible, as close to 8 hours as you can. 


5. Reducing stress

Stress hormones can negatively effect almost every system in you body. These include your central nervous system, your cardiovascular system, your immune system and your digestive system. If one of these are comprised, it prevents your performing at your peak, and sets you up for a slippery downward slope.

One of your body's major stress responses is to increase its cortisol production. Having too much cortisol leads to rapid weight gain, high blood pressure, muscle weakness, mood swings and negative changes to the skin. Meditation and exercise play a huge role in dealign with stress - put this on your agenda.

In summary, these five areas are critical to get right as your framework to get the most out of life, your health, and your peptide cycle. Eating right, reducing your stress levels, regular exercise, and undisturbed sleep are all scientifically proven to improve long-term health. Couple this lifestyle with the right peptide protocol and you'll never look back.


Don't let life get the best of you. You're Blessed. Enjoy it!


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The BIOV8 Team