Maximise Lean Muscle Mass

Not packing any power into your day? Want to get to a healthier & leaner version of you? Perhaps it’s time to rethink your protein!

Your Protein intake is important to building lean muscle mass due to its strong correlation with energy & performance from its ability to synthesis new LEAN muscles & repair those damaged during your workouts. This in turn reduces your stored fat deposits creating a leaner muscle tone over the entire body. Win, win!

Protein also works to improve moods, regulates hormones, supports clear younger skin & healthier hair. Protein is found in lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, nuts, tofu & legumes. 


  • Protein is recommended in portioned serves
  • Provides Amino Acids for muscles to repair
  • Adequate protein allows growth (synthesis) of NEW proteins & energy production
  • Only when your muscle synthesis exceeds breakdown will muscle mass increase
  • For muscle mass to increase you must combine protein intake w carbohydrates
  • Goals become fueled A LOT QUICKER due to optimizing training efforts & recovery

Your training increases the synthesis & breakdown of protein for at least 24 hours after your workout! This means a big BUMP UP in the ability to gain leaner & tone up existing muscles at a quicker rate!

Protein is a crucial nutrient in your eating regime that allows you to optimize your performance & results. The amount of protein consumed is important, as it needs to stimulate the muscle recovery. The recommended amount is 40g of absorbed protein, which is a fist size. This can alter pending on your activity & goal.



Recovery from exercise is JUST as important as performing the exercise as it allows for the body to progress. The period following exercise, therefore, is an opportunity to replenish the body and allow it to recover and adapt with the replenishment of:

  • Water as rehydration
  • Quality carbohydrate to refuel muscles
  • High-quality protein to promote muscle recovery & regeneration

The benefits:

  • Will replenish any stores depleted during exercise
  • Promote muscle fibres to repair from the exercise performed
  • Synthesis NEW proteins that are involved in energy production
  • Allow you to progress in your health & fitness getting lean & toned!

So, in short note, nail your protein intake & you’ll bounce into shape, quicker! Your body can progress because it’s able to recover. If you’re days aren’t packing any power, you’ll feel slow, tired & your moods heavy & dull then perhaps it’s time to rethink your protein!