Shift Stubborn Kilos!


Ok hear us out - there’s a reason why wellness is becoming the new indulgence. The days of drinking extensively are becoming overpowered by the clarity of living clean and ditching the alcohol! Not to mention shifting stubborn kilos! Want to know why?

Drinking alcohol affects the body in ways you most likely didn’t realise. It all starts with how the body metabolises the alcohol! From the moment alcohol enters the body, it becomes a priority to be broken down as the body recognises it as a foreign substance. Unlike carbohydrates & fats there is nowhere for the alcohol to be stored therefore it requires quick metabolism.

Within minutes of having a drink, some of the alcohol can quickly enter the blood stream and give a sensation of being stimulated to some extent! The remainder of the alcohol travels to the intestines where it’s absorbed! The aftereffects of drinking can include impaired decision making, the onset of ‘feeling hungry’, hang over binge eating and also the reduced ability to perform activity days after.

The effects tend to have a negative spiral effect and it too can easily be forgotten that you can drink as many calories as you eat. In fact, some drinks can have as many calories as a meal! The next time you reach for an alcoholic beverage before your meal consider if it’s worth the weight that you could be gaining from it.

Let's put it into context - 

The late-night munchies are often associated with a night of drinking. Have you ever realised that anytime that you drink alcohol you are hungrier, or you end up eating more than usual?

Check out how long it takes to skip off some of your favourite drinks:

  • 1 Glass of Champagne 21 minutes
  • 1 x Glass of Red Wine 18 minutes
  • 1 x Glass of White Wine 17 minutes
  • 1 x Small Boost Juice Smoothie 23 minutes
  • 1 x Gatorade 600mL 25 minutes
  • 1 x Red Bull Can 57 minutes
  • 1 x Lipton Peach 600mL Bottle 67 minutes



Are you reading this at a hectic pace? It's time to take a breathe & de-stress.

Long term stress can harm your body due to repetitive oxidative stress, damaging the brain, memory loss, lack of cognitive function causing fatigue, poor moods, severe anxiousness, skin outbreaks / redness and also weight gain. This in turn, makes it extremely difficult to shift stubborn kilos!

Stress that is felt on your body for an extended period of time can cause the hormone cortisol to be released into your blood at a higher rate as your body becomes in a state of ‘flight or fight’ response.

Elevated cortisol levels therefore disrupt your body’s glucose control by stimulating the release of glucose from the liver. This limits your release of insulin, which is responsible for removing the excess glucose. The excess glucose in the blood makes losing weight really difficult as the glucose is stored as fat. Managing cortisol and insulin therefore is so important & in those trying to get lean & toned (or for anyone wanting to feel healthy for that matter).

Excess cortisol can also cause poor sleep, depression, anxiety & moods. It is for this exact reason that if you stress a lot, you will find it extremely difficult to lose weight around your mid drift. Stress is not only a weight loss blocker; it’s a depressant.



Fats, a nutrient we tend to avoid is important in small portions to boost your nutrient absorption & metabolic health. Interestingly unsaturated fats can support the breakdown of stubborn STORED fats such as those around the belly, bum & thighs! Unsaturated forms such as monosaccharides and polysaccharides can be obtained from sources such as fish, seeds, nuts, coconut oil, olive oils & avocados. 

Calcium is a macronutrient that also can tend to be eliminated, however without adequate intake we reduce the ability to convert energy, regulate fat processing & storage & also the strength of our bones and teeth! In fact, the more calcium we have in our cells, the more fat the cells will burn! Low fat dairy options are recommended for adults including low fat milk, yoghurt & cheese. 

Keep up the great work, consistency in key!