GT is a 42 year old fitness professional, originally from the UK, now residing on the Gold Coast. Having spent most of his life working as a high school Biology teacher, he is also an experienced personal trainer, international model, professional athlete and multiple business owner. 

    GT has degrees in Human Biology, psychology and teaching. This education has helped him train thousands of clients and produce a number of pro cards. He himself is a WBFF Pro and a PCA Pro, with aspirations to attain an IFBB pro card. He manages to do all this and still be a fit dad to his 14 year old daughter and business operator.

    My fitness Journey

    I get asked all the time; “Bro, how long have you been lifting for?”

    The short answer is, I honestly am not exactly sure. Back when I was nine years-old, my dad recognised I had a natural talent for running. Sprinting to be specific. From that point on, he was driving me to the local track at least three times per week, forcing me out the front door to go on 5 mile runs and generally living vicariously through his eldest son! Not that I minded. I loved it. I would train with wrist and ankle weights velcroed to my body and before I was even in high-school I started developing a strong work ethic and drive to compete.

    By the time I was 15, I was one of the top ranked sprint-hurdlers in the UK. I lived it, breathed it, and bled for the sport. Without realising it, I had developed an insatiable drive to chase wins like a blood hound. If, on the rare occasion somebody beat me, I would make it my mission to train harder and take him out...