Kim is a strong, 46 year old mother of three daughter’s. After being diagnosed with an under-active thyroid (Hashimotos) when her second daughter was born, Kim began her journey into pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

    As a stay at home mother and home maker for 10 years, Kim had forgotten the privilege of being the best version of herself. "Don't get me wrong my journey as a mother is a joy and blessing but I had lost that spark that fuelled me".Fitness was the spark!

    After dedicated training, she entered her first competition at 41 years old, winning a pro card with WFF/NABBA, giving her the privilege to compete on an international level. She then went on to compete at Arnold’s Australia, placing 2nd in Masters 2017. Then off internationally to win the Masters Division at South America in Arnold’s 2019.

    BIOV8 is now part of Kim's healthy lifestyle and she is proud to be part of the team and honoured to be given an amazing opportunity to inspire others in their fitness journey. She loves inspiring others and mentoring people to get back into fitness and to live a healthy lifestyle; to optimise their life.

    Finding her spark - Kim's journey

    Having an underactive thyroid is a serious health condition. It can affect metabolism, sleep, skin, mood, energy, and so much more. Kim Lawless didn’t let that diagnosis stop her from becoming the successful athlete she is today. In fact, she saw it as a challenge and rose to the occasion.

    Lawless set out on a mission to get healthy and it developed into a lifelong passion and fitness career. We sat down with Lawless to get some insight into her journey and how she overcame thyroid issues and went onto become one of Australia’s top bikini models.