BIOV8 is Australia’s most advanced Human Optimisation Clinic providing a superior range of cutting-edge solutions developed by our specialised medical team. We are a team of highly dedicated and passionate people focused on providing Australians with the highest quality science-backed solutions across a range of areas, from injury repair to anti-aging.

    As part of our service we offer you a complementary tailored medical consultation to ensure you are confident in your product selection. BIOV8 actively partners with leading health and medical professionals in order to keep up to date with research and new product development.

    Welcome to BIOV8, let's meet your dedicated team.

    Ted McGill

    Ted is an excitable entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience across a multitude of sectors such as finance, hospitality and digital technology platforms. 

    Ted had always been obsessed with anything active. A keen surfer, Mountain bike rider and skydiver, he has always thrived on putting his body to the test.

    Ted has completed obstacle races, ultra kayak marathons, boxing bouts, treks & swims - always with his eye on the next big challenge. His passion for health & fitness has led him down the path of discovery, to the world of Human Optimisation.

    Now, after almost a decade of research, he has put his passion and his entrepreneurial skills together to co-found BIOV8. Ted sees the amazing technology advances in the health industry and implementing these with cutting edge new pharmaceuticals, is the key to a longer, better life. 

    Nick Austin

    Nick is a passionate and experienced technology executive with extensive experience inventing, building and growing digital transformation platforms. A visionary entrepreneur with a multi-functional background including 20 years experience in technology, finance and investment.

    Nick loves his functional fitness, researching the amazing potential for healthcare, and  developing new technologies that challenge current thinking. Nick has won various technology innovation awards, APAC start-up awards, completed several funding rounds, built highly reputable boards, and developed the companies into market leaders through innovation. He has successfully exited ventures he has founded in the technology space.

    Dr. Anthony McGirr MBBS; FANZCA

    Dr Tony McGirr completed his medical training at the University of Sydney and went onto specialise in Anaesthesia. Dr Tony has worked in clinical Anaesthetic practice in Sydney for over 20 years. He has always had a passion for preventative and anti-aging medicine.

    With an interest in medical research, Dr Tony also works as a Principal Investigator with a Clinical Research Team on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

    Working at Biov8 gives him the opportunity to combine preventative medicine, health promotion and keeping up to date with the latest research and clinical trials in anti-aging and health innovations.

    Too many patients I see rely on prescription medicines to prevent “lifestyle” diseases such as diabetes and hypertension related to diet and inactivity. The anti-aging and wellness space has many motivated patients who are passionate about their own health and it is very rewarding working with them and helping them achieve their wellness goals.

    NP Virginia Moore

    Virginia has been a Nurse Practitioner (NP) since 2017, working across public and private settings caring for people with acute and chronic conditions. An endorsed NP is a registered nurse with the experience, expertise and authority to diagnose, investigate and treat health conditions, including prescribing medications. Virginia aims to work in partnership with people to achieve their wellness goals, and is excited about clinical innovations in health promotion.

    NP Roneel Chandra

    Emergency and Primary Health Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years of experience in the Australian Defence Force (Retired), public hospitals, and private sector. His personal interests are endurance and high intensity interval training and functional fitness.

    When not working on his own fitness goals he likes to support clients at every stage of their health and fitness journey.  

    Dr Sana Pirzada

    Dr Sana Pirzada is an experienced and qualified Doctor with 10+ years experience of working in a wide range of specialities and sub-specialities of medicine. Since graduating she has worked at several of Sydney’s hospitals in a variety of surgical and medical departments including Cardiothoracic Surgery, Emergency Department, Mental Health, General Medicine and most recently Cosmetic / Aesthetic Medicine. 

    She always has been passionate about innovation and recent advancements in clinical medicine. To provide the best quality of treatment to her clients, Dr Sana is regularly involved in ongoing training, conferences and education, so that she remains well versed in all the new technologies, latest developments and techniques, in this ever-changing, dynamic and fascinating field of Medicine.

    Ryan Morgan

    Ryan Morgan is a registered psychologist with post graduate training in non-pharmacological approaches for addressing conditions such as sleep disorders, ADHD, stress and burnout, depression, anxiety and peak performance for students, athletes and professionals. Ryan has further trained in nutritional medicine for mental health (CMHIMP),brain health coaching, evidence based neurotherapies such as neurofeedback, tDCS and rTMS, and clinical hypnosis. He is also an established wealth psychologist, consulting to ultra-high net worth individuals and families.

    Neuroperformance came about out of a deep desire to help individuals, executives, and top performing professionals realise and reach their full, optimal potential. Taking a science based, multi-systemic approach to how we perform, Neuroperformance particularly focuses on an individual’s ultimate driver of wellbeing and performance, the brain. Our brains are highly neuroplastic and change, improvement and enhancement are indeed possible where all systemic factors are considered and addressed.

    Kim Lawless

    I’m a forty-six year old mother of three daughters.

    My journey in fitness really began in my 40’s. I had been a stay at home mother and home maker for 10 years, and had forgotten the privilege of being the best version of myself. Don't get me wrong, my journey as a mother is a joy and blessing, but I had lost that spark that fuelled me.

    I was diagnosed with an under-active thyroid (Hashimotos) when my second daughter was born, so I knew the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

    Fitness was the spark!

    I started training hard and entered my first competition at 41 years old were I won my pro card with WFF/NABBA giving me the privilege to compete on an international level.

    I love inspiring others of any age especially my age group. I love mentoring people to get back into fitness and to live a healthy lifestyle.

    This is my passion.

    BIOV8 is part of my healthy lifestyle and I’m honoured to be part of the team. This is an amazing opportunity in fitness and I am thankful for all the incredible opportunities coming my way.

    My sights this year is to compete in Miss Fitness Australia in October in the Gold Coast in the pro division, then off to compete in the USA on an international level in 2022.

    Jason Gilbert

    B.Sc, M.Chiro

    Jason has always been fascinated by health and how the human body functions.  His family owned a health food store when he was younger which influenced his life’s path in caring for people and helping them better understand, regain and maintain their health. 

    He has been an official Sports Physician of the World Surf League for 20 years and his work with athletes is the same as the work he does with anyone else- recognize what is physiological process is compromised and restore normal function. 

    His philosophy is that if our body is given the correct nutrients and if we remove it from the same environment that is making it sick or function less than optimally, we can age younger. We can have more energy, be more mentally alert and be happier than ever.

    Sarah Curtis

    Hi, I’m Sarah Curtis, clinical nutritionist and founder of Havanna Wellness in the beautiful Noosa hinterland. 

    I have personally had my own challenging health journey which has made me take radical responsibility for my health and deeply passionate about finding ways to support myself through nutrition, lifestyle, mindset and biohacking tools. I am constantly amazed at how many incredible tools there are out there to improve the quality of our life through our health and this is what lights me up! I love empowering others on this journey as I know first hand the impact our daily decisions have on our bodies and in turn our whole life.

    I love waking up each day to the sound of birds and the smell of the rainforest. I am blessed to share Havanna with so many beautiful species of wildlife. I joined up as a member of the local ‘Land for Wildlife’ program to learn more about how I can support the land and the wildlife and take care of this beautiful property.

    Wishing you wellness, Sarah x

    Jackson Johnson

    Jackson Johnson is an elite Trainer & Fitness Model who loves surfing, MMA & trains 6 days a week in and out of the gym.

    Jackson has been coaching athletes, bodybuilders and of course every day Jane & Jo's for over 10 years.