Welcome to BIOV8

    You may have heard of Total Human Optimisation and how this is playing a huge part in tailored preventative medicine - including the use of medicines that assist with rapid injury repair, including tendon, soft tissue and muscle healing.

    So what does this mean for the Australian Physiotherapy industry and how does your business leverage this opportunity as a market leader in this space?

    BIOV8 Clinics is the leading online Total Human Optimisation Clinic working with the Physiotherapy industry to enable your clients to access proven TGA approved peptides aimed at rapid healing and supporting their physio sessions. Together your clients receive a superior cutting edge service and you are able to create a new revenue stream. 

    These target specific peptides are known for their anti-inflammatory, pain-killing properties, they also strengthen the cartilage, joints and bone tissues, improving the physical performance. 

    This a meaningful breakthrough for your clients who are sportsmen and people with active lifestyles, allowing them to continue performing at the best without lengthy waits for rehabilitation. 

    This all round optimisation  treatment is cutting edge but will soon be the norm. This is an opportunity to get in before the curve and set yourself apart with a competitive advantage

    BIOV8 Clinics provides tailored medical advice and processes prescriptions for approved clients, in addition to managing your partnership commission.

    If you would like to learn more about BIOV8 and how our partnership program works simply call our team on 1300 MY BIOV8.