Booty Peptide Bundle

    Ladies are you struggling to see the results from your efforts in the gym?

    The Booty Bundle is perfect for women who are looking for that extra lean muscle mass. 

    This combination gives you more energy, better recovery times, Improved bone strength, increased metabolism, improved heart health, kidney function and immune system. Our medical team has specifically created this combination for ladies with an intense training program. 

    Contents of bundle:

    Booty Bundle Contains: 10 week cycle

    • SARM  S22   50ml cream 1000mcg/ml
    • CJC-1295+Ipamorelin 50ml cream 400mcg/ml

    Booty Bundle Injectable Contains: 10 week cycle

    • SARM  S22  2000mcg/ml
    • CJC-1295+Ipamorelin 2000mcg/ml

    Booty Bundle XL contains: 20 week cycle

    • 2 x SARM  S22 50ml cream 1000mcg/ml
    • 2 x CJC-1295+ Ipamorelin 50ml cream 400mcg/ml 

    *** Please note. All injectables come with a 50 pack of syringes.  If you're purchasing a vial we recommend purchasing a sharpies box for safe disposal ***