Young & Sharp Bundle

    Anti-aging +++

    Our Young and Sharp Bundle is specifically designed to heighten energy levels, boost your immune system and sense of physical youth, along with promoting peak cognitive performance.  The key focus of this bundle is its amazing anti ageing properties for your entire body. Biov8 brain is our custom Nootropic supplement that supports memory, focus and cognitive processing speeds.

    This is about landing on the perfect balance between physical and mental optimisation, getting there quickly, staying there and getting the most out of life.

    Young & Sharp Bundle Contains: 10 weeks

    • DIHEXA 5mg 30 Caps
    • BIOV8 Brain 180 capsules
    • 2 x Vitamin B Complex Booster shots

    Young & Sharp Bundle Contains: 20 weeks

    • 2 x DIHEXA 5mg 60 Caps
    • BIOV8 Brain 360 capsules
    • 2 x Vitamin B Complex Booster shots.