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    Intro to peptides course.

    This course includes all you need to get started with peptides, including downloadable PDF files for use with your patients. 

    Learn what peptide are, what they do, why they are the innovative way to reboot metabolic processes and how to use them with your patients.

    Anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, healing and repair.  Get to know this adjunctive therapy. 

    This course covers the What, Why and How to get started with peptide therapy. 

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    Age Management Medicine Group

    The world of peptides therapy is a growing field in medicine ranging from improving skin care, growth hormone, to one’s immune system, to name a few. On PubMed there are over 2.5 million articles on peptides. It is estimated that humans have over 250,000 peptides and we only understand a fraction of them. Peptides are chains of amino acids linked together by a polypeptide bond. The formation of a polypeptide bond by a dehydration synthesis will be reviewed. The difference of a peptide versus a protein will be delineated. In addition the mechanism of action on how peptides work will be reviewed.

    Empire Medical Training - Peptide Therapies Training

    Clinical study of peptides

    Apeiron Acadamy - Clinical Application of Peptide Therapies

    Clinical Application of Peptide Therapies

    Aseir Custom

    I consider my friends Jay Campbell and Nick Andrews to be some of the go-to experts on using peptides.

    They're also the co-founders of Aseir Custom (listen to my podcast with them here) which creates peptide-enhanced products like hair growth formulas and skincare. Jessa and I use all of the products in the skincare line, but my favorite is the GHK-Cu Royal Blue Serum, which I've noticed has dramatically tightened and improved my skin elasticity while also reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

    Chances are, you’ve already heard a ton of buzz about peptides on podcasts, the gym, Reddit forums, and more — including how they may be the keys to anti-aging, muscle gain, fat loss, hair regrowth, and even healing joint and tissue injuries.

    You’ve gone down the proverbial Google rabbit hole, but when it comes to actually using peptides, you have zero idea where to even start.

    Now, you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about peptides directly from Jay and Nick inThe Peptides Optimization Course: the only program of its kind that teaches you how to properly use therapeutic peptides to harness the power of regenerative healing.

    The course is a powerful 6-module video program that will teach you exactly how to use peptides safely for lifelong health and wellness including:

    >How peptides really work in your body

    >How to use them properly

    >The best peptides for fat loss, wellbeing, immunity, cognition, and healing

    >How to get your hands on the best peptides

    >Understanding where peptides fit in your individual health journey

    >Understanding the optimal and highest impact delivery systems

    >How to evaluate, measure, and optimize your peptide protocol

    >And much, much more

    Sign up for The Peptides Optimization Course with my friends Jay and Nick, and use code BENG for 25% off by clicking the button below.

    CJC 1295 Ipamorelin is one of the most popular peptide combinations in the pharmaceutical market, but why? Initially designed to treat deep fat deposits, CJC 1295 Ipamorelin has since come a long way in the world of peptides, now proven to aid with a number of health concerns.
    The advancements in bioregulatory medicine over the past few years have surpassed expectations in its ability to facilitate above adequate functioning and healing of humanbioregulatory systems and health overall. Their effects and results to human functioning and human optimisation have inherently introduced a new leading innovation to holistic medicine.

    For women, with age comes many frustrations. Weight becomes harder to keep off, wrinkles begin to deepen, and energy levels seem to perpetually decline. While ageing is an inevitable part of human life, these symptoms don't have to be.

    In utilising the best anti ageing peptides for women, peptide therapy can aid each of these symptoms of ageing, allowing women to enjoy their age rather than just accept it.