How do I place an order?

    Click here to see the ordering process 

    When do I receive my order?

    Please allow up to 7 working days after receiving your script approval. 

    What if I don’t receive my order?

    Please contact us after 7 working days and we will immediately rectify the issue.

    Can I order over the phone?

    You can choose to have you telehealth video consultation with our medical over the phone if preferred.  This does not apply to non schedule 4 products. 

    Can I collect my order?

    No. Our pharmacy will send your order to your nominated shipping address. Our offices do not stock or store any of our products , as they are compounded at the time of script receipt.


    What payment options do you have?

    We currently take Visa, Mastercard, Afterpay & Paypal


    Do I receive a copy of my script?

    Your Script will be sent directly to our compounding pharmacy. If you wish for a duplicate copy (no repeats issued) we can arrange this. 

    Is there a scripting or Doctor's Consultation Fee?

    This is all included in our pricing, there are no hidden costs. It is important to note that our expert medical team are here to help and advise you. They also will need to discuss the products you chose and the relative dosage protocol. This is the perfect time to ask questions - they are serious experts in their field. As our medical team's time is valuable we ask you to attend the consultation time that you select, whether this be arranged over  Zoom or a phone call. No-shows will be charged $30 to compensate for the time set aside by our medical team

    Is my script claimable by Medicare or my private medical insurer?

    No. This is a private script with no rebate.


    Does it matter where I live in Australia?

    Some postcodes for Western Australia, Northern Territory and Some parts of Tasmania, will be 2 days delivery even via express post. Therefore we do not post these items on Thursdays as they will be sitting unrefrigerated over the weekend. We will post these items the following Monday.

    What if i'm shipping to a business?

    All compounds going to business addresses, need to have the ‘’Name of Business’’ before the recipient's name and address.

    What does the $30 Shipping rate include?

    Your product comes cold packed in a small esky with your product labelled to you, dosing card information, and syringes for injectable products. Your product will be shipped via Startrack or an equivalent Courier.

    Can you Ship Internationally?

    No, we can not offer our services or ship internationally. Peptides are classified as a Schedule 4 medication in Australia, which requires a prescription from a licensed and actively registered physician within Australia. We can only offer our services to individuals currently residing within Australia.


    How do I inject subcutaneously?

    A subcutaneous injection is done with a small insulin size needle. It is a painless injection.  

    Do I need to swab the area before I inject?

    Yes. Before you inject you want to clean both the top of the rubber stopper of the vial before drawing up the product and the area where you are going to inject with alcohol swabs.

    What areas can I inject?

    The most common area to inject is the abdominal area between the hip bone and the belly button. The middle outer portion of the thigh, and upper outer portion of the glutes.

    We recommend rotating areas so as not to constantly inject in the same location.


    What happens if I get lumps and bumps where I injected?

    It is not uncommon to experience local irritation at the injection site. The lump will resolve on its own within a few days. If you are concerned at any time, please contact us directly and speak to our medical team.


    How do I know how much to dose?

    The relevant dosage information will be provided to you in the following ways

    1. Our Doctor will discuss this with you. Once our Doctor has reviewed and approved your medical information you will received an email with your personalised dosage protocol
    2. You will receive a dosage information on the label of each product you have ordered
    3. BIOV8 has a dosage information pagehere
    Can I increase my dose?

    Our Doctor will provide you with the most appropriate dosage for you. If you feel that you want to increase your dose, please contact us or 1300 MY BIOV8 to arrange a consultation with our Doctor.


    If using more than one peptide, can I combine them in the one syringe?

    Never do this. Combining different peptides into the one syringe can lead to contaminating the vials of peptides.

    How long will my Peptides last?

    All compounding pharmacies recommend a 3 month expiry for each peptide. We do not recommend using peptides past the suggested expiry date.

    Larger peptide orders are recommended for more experienced peptide users who are using a higher dosage protocol. 

    For your convenience BIOV8 will organise to split larger orders, meaning you will receive two vials at a time to ensure your products do not reach expiry before you have finished your course.

    Wanting to place a large order of the same product? Not a problem at all - simply speak with one of the BIOV8 team or 1300MY BIOV8 and they will get this organised for you.



    How do I know I’ll receive premium quality products?

    All of our products, including our market leading range of peptides and our peptide bundles are of the highest clinical quality. BIOV8 Clinics will only partner with the most reputable and advanced specialist compounding pharmacies in Australia. Our products are tailor made in a secure sterile laboratory with only pharmaceutical grade ingredients. All process are strictly managed to ensure quality control is a priority

    Why is Australian made product so important?

    BIOV8 will only partner with premium compounding that are based and licenced in Australia. This means you can have certainty that you will receive products that are of the highest quality, the correct potency, and regulated by strict Australian legislation. All peptides requiring refrigeration will be carefully packed with ice packs to ensure all your peptides are delivered to you in the premium state required.

    Is it risky to order from other sites or untrusted sellers?

    Yes it is and it is not worth the risk. Other sites and sellers may offer ‘cheap’ prices - this mean low quality, poor ingredients and unregulated compounding processes that could mean the product is contaminated.

    Shopping with BIOV8 means you avoid all these risks and receive only the most premium quality nootropics and peptides.


    Are peptides legal?

    Yes - many peptides are legal in Australia when subscribed by an approved medical professional. BIOV8 only supplies peptides that are approved by the Australian Government Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) and have been made to the strictest pharmaceutical guidelines in Australia.



    Can peptides be used by men and women?

    In a word. Yes. 

    Peptides have the ability to produce powerful and positive results in both women and men. The BIOV8 Medical Team continually researches the various use-cases and upload information on the BIOV8 site for your reference. The site has been sectioned into a Peptides for Women and Peptides for Men to make it easy for you to navigate the various options available to you to reach your goals. We continuously work closely with our medical and pharmaceutical partners to develop products that are more appropriate for men and women, including the development of transdermal creams, nasal sprays, and other alternatives.


    Are peptides ok for Pregnant women? or trying to become pregnant?

    NO. We do NOT condone any women taking any of our products during pregnancy or trying; as there are simply not enough studies done to prove its safety during this period. 



    What if some of my order is missing or incorrect?

    Please contact us immediately and we will resolve the issue. 

    What if my order goes missing?

    We offer a 100% guarantee if you do not receive your order.