Vitamin Libido Formulas: Balancing Hormones for Better Health

Vitamin Libido Boosters for Sexual Health

Sex is an integral part of our lives. Whether  it’s for procreation or simply for pleasure, sex is a normal process and  shouldn’t be treated as a taboo - especially in the medical field.That’s why there  shouldn’t be any shame in taking libido-enhancing vitamins and hormone-balancing supplementsto ease the process and  make    sex beneficial for everyone involved.  After all, the causes of low libido could be anything, ranging from age-related low sex drive to hormone imbalance and more.  If  you’re one of those people struggling with low libido, here are some  vitamin libido boosters and  hormone health supplements  from BIOV8 you can take to improve your time between the sheets. Please book a consultation with our team of medical experts to discuss any of these  natural  libido enhancers to get your sex life back on track today. 


Bremalanotide PT-141 is a sexual health peptide for men and women. Its main purpose is to address sexual dysfunction in both men and women. For the former, this can be erectile dysfunction, while for women, it’s sexual arousal disorder. While it has similarities with Viagra, Bemelanotide works not by triggering the vascular system but by triggering the brain’s melanocortin receptors instead, increasing sexual function. 

Sildenafil (Viagra)

Sildenafil, or Viagra, is one of the most popular sexual health and libido drugs on the market. It treats erectile dysfunction in men to help keep you going for longer, extending the experience without pain or discomfort. Beyond its sexual function, Sildenafil is also a drug for pulmonary arterial hypertension - therefore,  people with low blood pressure should avoid this medication. To discuss if this is the righthormone health supplement for you, book a consultation with our medical team to discuss your individual needs.  


Tadalafil, like Sildenafil, is yet another sexual health medication used to treat both erectile dysfunction as well as pulmonary arterial hypertension.It’s known for its quick onset of effects within half an hour of taking it. The duration usually lasts up to 36 hours. 


For men who struggle with quick release during sexual experiences,Priligy is the drug to incorporate into your lifestyle. It works through its key ingredient, dapoxetine, a known urological drug. Taking Priligy helps men control their ability to finish, leading to longer intercourse and an overall more pleasurable experience for both parties. 

All of these drugs must be prescribed by a medical expert here at BIOV8, including ourlibido-enhancing vitamins for men  and  women. If you want to learnhow to boost your libido naturally, you can consumenatural libido enhancers such as oysters, red wine, chocolate, and more to improve your sexual health and stamina. 

Sex is something that should be enjoyed by everyone involved. Ifsexual health supplements are necessary for you to do so, you should carefully consider these options with the advice of your doctor and our team of medical experts.   Book a free consultation with our medical team today to understand more about how you can improve your sex life without judgment or worry.