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Our peptide nootropics are designed to be the best supplements for brain health by enhancing cognitive performance - including learning capabilities, memory, speed of recall, and focus - in addition to promoting adaptation to stress and cognitive stamina. As the brain ages, cognitive performance declines, impacting our daily lives. Peptide nootropics are the cognitive health supplements and enhancers that upregulate the production of key neurotransmitters and pathways to find more focus and drive.

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Our selection of daily brain health supplements, designed by neuroscientists and backed by science, have been designed to target various brain types to enhance your cognitive performance and keep you operating at your best. Search the range for whole-brain performance, executive function enhancement, or calming the mind.

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BIOV8 offers both prescription and non-prescription solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nootropics is a word that has come to life in a big way over the last 5 years, but what does it really mean? Nootropics, also called ‘smart drugs’ and ‘cognitive enhancers’ is a term used to describe compounds that improve any aspect of cognitive (brain) function, from alertness, concentration to memory to cellular health. There are two categories of nootropics, being prescription only nootropics, including cognitive-enhancing peptides and nootropics supplements, which are essentially multivitamins for your brain. These brain health supplements target specific functions of the brain, from mood to concentration to repairing damage.

Nootropic cognitive health supplements can be purchased without a prescription and are used like a daily vitamin to optimise cognitive performance. Different supplements are made up of selected nootropic ingredients to achieve different outcomes, from amplifying focus and stamina, to long-term brain health, to calming and adaptation to stress. Prescription only nootropics are a more powerful nootropic formula and are typically used for repairing cognitive damage, enhancing critical thinking, amplifying focus, reversing decline, and upregulating cognitive performance.

Each formula in the Yootropics™ range has been carefully designed to achieve specific cognitive results. Our team works with neuroperformance experts to select each ingredient, which must be backed by deep scientific research and must be of a clinical range dose to ensure results that are supported by independent clinical trials. 

CALM is designed to calm the mind, relieve stress and reduce mild anxiety - the perfect chill pill. CALM supports positive mood and attention with the inclusion of Saffron. Additionally, CALM assists with restorative sleep. 

For some, calming their anxious and overfocused mind may be what is needed to boost concentration and focus. In fact, Saffron has been used in a small clinical trial of teens with concentration issues and was found to be as effective as prescription medication in supporting focus and attention but without the stimulating effects. There are some trials also showing that Saffron can improve overall mood and may even improve the libido issues commonly observed in antidepressant use. Obtaining suitable advice in using supplements for any medical issues is recommended.  

Take 2 tablets of CALM in the morning or in the afternoon to help chill the brain. 

FOCUSis our powerhouse cognitive health supplement formula, developed for those who need a more immediate boost to their ability to sustain focus and engage their working memory effectively. It works in a shorter time frame than BRAIN, our ‘whole-brain’ nootropic. In fact, research has shown that Zynamite®, one of the main ingredients, works within an hour, enhancing cognitive task performance, improving reaction time and reducing cognitive fatigue while keeping the heart-rate and blood pressure unchanged. FOCUS was designed to give flexibility to those who need a boost when heading into a demanding day, and can be taken daily or when needed.  

Take 2 tablets of FOCUS in the morning or 1 hour before you need laser-focus through enhanced cognitive performance. 

BRAINis the perfect ‘multi-vitamin’ nootropic brain health supplement that is designed more for daily use, supporting both short-term executive functions, like memory and recall, as well as long-range brain health.The BRAIN formula is geared to build up in effectiveness over days and weeks and support multiple pathways and processes that will work to improve the health of the brain by addressing inflammation and supporting repair. Welcome to the best supplement for brain health that provides you with everything you need to get you through the daily grind.  

Take 2 capsules of BRAIN daily in the morning for both long range and short-term benefits.

Yes you can. Each cognitive health supplement formula includes different ingredients that work well together. 

For example, BRAIN is used for daily support and brain repair and overall cognitive performance, and then you add FOCUS in for those days you’re under the pump and need that extra boost. You can start with one tablet and move to two to find the best dose for your needs. 

On days when you find winding down at the end of the day to be tricky, taking 2 tablets of CALM in the afternoon is the answer. CALM supports better sleep and mood without that sedating feeling. You can start with one tablet when you get home and then one more before bed, then fine-tune this to find the perfect balance.

How these cognitive health supplements are used will be unique to each person, their lifestyle and goals. In general, BRAIN is the daily morning nootropic formula that enhances concentration and coping with stress, in addition to improving memory, among a host of other cognitive performance benefits.  

On those days where you need to do intensive work that requires just a little bit more, then FOCUS can be used in conjunction with BRAIN. Together, these two cognitive health supplements will turbo-change cognitive performance and stamina. We recommend starting by adding 1 tablet of FOCUS in addition to BRAIN to allow you to find the perfect balance without over stimulating. If you need a further boost, simply take 2 tablets of FOCUS with 2 capsules of BRAIN in the morning. 

Alternatively, you may find yourself having to do a presentation and feel the nerves rising. In this case, take 2 tablets of CALM with 2 capsules of BRAIN in the morning. CALM is structured to support focus in a calming and controlled way when anxiety and stress are impairing your concentration.

For the nootropic brain health supplements, not at all. All our range of nootropics supplements are available without a prescription. For customers who are on other medications for neurological reasons such as ADHD, ADD, trouble multitasking, poor stress tolerance, poor focus, or excessive restlessness we recommend consulting your medical practitioner should you require further information about our formulas. 

Our nootropic cognitive-enhancing peptides require a prescription as they are Schedule 4 medicines. When you purchase one of these peptide products, you will need to book a complimentary doctor’s consultation with our Medical Team. View the product pages to determine which solution is best suited to your needs.

The first step is to create your account – this takes 1-2 minutes. You are then able to view the various prescription-only solutions available, select the solution that suits you best, then book a complimentary consultation with one of our expert medical team. Following the consultation your script is sent to our compounding pharmacy, who will compound your tailored treatment and then express posted this to you.