Muscle recovery supplements

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Enhance tissue repair

Promote cellular regeneration

Improve muscle health

Fast track your comeback with muscle repair supplements after injury

Taking on an injury in life is almost guaranteed, but the comeback is less of a certainty, and can take much longer than we’d like. Fast tracking your healing time by 50% through upregulating the body’s healing process can make all the difference. Muscle recovery supplements and bioregulators assist with this rapid repair and regeneration at the cellular level, giving you the freedom to get back to the activities you love.

Peptides for injury recovery and repair

BIOV8 provides a range of tailored-peptide and bioregulator treatments, including orally active injury repair peptides, that stimulate the upregulation of the body’s natural regeneration process at a cellular level, reducing inflammation and increasing oxygenated blood flow to the injured areas. These peptides for injury repair are designed specifically for tendon, bone, tissue, muscle, and ligament injuries, in addition to organs, glands and biological systems.

Other Muscle Recovery Supplements

BIOV8 offers both prescription and non-prescription solutions.