Consultation with Chris Barnes

Hello, I’m Chris

Hello, I’m Chris, a passionate bio-hacking enthusiast, Holistic Epigenetic coach, and devoted father of three. I have over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, with a bachelor’s degree in Holistic Health Science and Certification as an Epigenetic Coach.

Our personalised genetic testing kit allows us to identify the possible strengths and weaknesses in your genetic makeup so that we can apply the best diet and lifestyle strategies for the optimized epigenetic expressions.

By understanding the intricate makeup of your DNA & the science of Epigenetics, together, we’ll unveil the most efficient and results-driven methods to shed weight, defy the aging clock, overcome brain fog, enhance sleep quality, and ultimately elevate your overall quality of life.

Finally, you can find out what works best for you and your body!

Express your Best,


Consultation with Chris Barnes

Precision GeneticTest Kit

Total Value: $1,850.00


Precision Genetic Test ($700 value)
Personalised Genetic Report review with Chris 1.5hrs ($500 value)
Personalised follow-up report tailored to your genetic needs ($250 value)
Exclusive members-only portal containing reports and insights ($200 value)
Continuous content updates to stay updated with the latest genetic research anddevelopment ($200 value)




Whether you're interested in sleepoptimisation, nutrition, supplementation,detoxification, hormonal balance, or athleticperformance, your personalised Genetic TestKit Report delivers valuable, lifelong insightstailored to your individual needs. This is youropportunity to experience heightened health,energy, and vitality and to look and feel yourbest truly.


Athletic Performance

Maximize your training byunderstanding your geneticpredispositions regarding speed,endurance,recovery, strength, andVO2 max.


Hormonal Balance

Understand your geneticpredispositions to various hormonallevels and the best ways to balancethem.



Determine what supplements youreally need and which you can getfrom daily food, helping to reduceinflammation risks


Tailored Nutrition

Learn about your body's uniquereactions to different foods andmacronutrients. Understand thegenetic drivers of your eatingbehaviour and your unique optimalcarbohydrate, protein, and fat intake.


Optimal Sleep Patterns

Uncover how much sleep you needand the best times for you to sleepand wake, optimising yourcircadianrhythm for lasting vitality.


Detoxification Insights

Assess your body's naturaldetoxification pathways andunderstand how environmentaltoxins andpollutants impact you.


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