Consultation with Dean Gladstone

Dean’s mission is to empower people to understand and influence stress to improve health and performance. 

Combining a high level of education and practice accessible for beginners and advanced students,  past and present participants in Dean’s programs have been able to connect deeply with their bodies and minds, recognising stress in all it’s forms and being able to manage and influence it. 

Dean has created a hugely successful modality of breath, energy and movement , facilitating 1000s of workshops and courses and as a result, all of his students have been able to utilise tools offered in these sessions to experience health benefits directly and indirectly associated with Breathwork, Cold Immersion Therapy, Contrast/Heat Therapy and calming postural techniques  - supporting themselves to heal from modern life challenges including Anxiety, Respiratory Conditions, Sleep disorders, auto-immune disease, Snoring and Fatigue. Dean has studied intensively to understand how stress can affect people on a very nuanced level. His experience allows him to modify his offering to allow for the client’s personal background and needs. 

He is a qualified Bondi Lifeguard and practising Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer and Holistic Health Coach. He qualified as a Wim Hof Method Instructor in 2018 and an Oxygen Advantage Master Instructor in 2020.

He has 22 years experience coaching both kids and adults and has more professional experience of how stress or panic can impact people more than anyone else. Changing and saving lives is a consistent thread throughout his career.

Consultation with Dean Gladstone

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Option: 2x 1 Hour Sessions