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Sam has worked in the fitness Industry as a Personal Trainer since 1998. Since his personal training career began has now owned and run several successful gyms and fitness studios over the past 10 years. He studied Applied Science in Exercise and Sports at Sydney University and Sports Nutrition with the International Olympic Committee & he has also worked as an exercise physiologist with several leading Australian Corporate Health companies.

For many years Sam was a Lecturer with TAFE NSW in health and fitness & a key note speaker for an International Whole foods Supplement Company and many health conferences and large company events. He has featured many articles in predominate magazines and for 5 years was the Resident Boxing and Bootcamp Instructor at Men’s Health Magazine Australia. Having represented his country for several years in both the sports of Rowing and Rugby, Sam brings the dedication and experience of an elite level athlete along with the curious mind of a scientist to his work and exercise analysis.

Sam specialises in movement assessments, resistance and cardiovascular training program design & accelerated physical transformation programs. He has assisted countless people with Fat loss, Muscle building, Mobility/Structural Balance and Heart rate-based Fitness programs.
Setting specific goals to know exactly what outcomes you want to achieve through your training is a massive priority in his program design, but more importantly is knowing where you are starting from!

You are able do this through an initial assessment to assess and prioritise of your pyramid of performance to set a strong foundation for your program so that we overload a body/structure that moves well first; before being put under loads or stresses to achieve your desired training effect – Body symmetry, Fat loss or Muscle growth. Always work smarter before working harder. The two go together!

Consultation with Sam Mower

Your journey begins with a personalized one-on-one Zoom consultation where we delve into your current health status and future aspirations. Sam, your trusted expert, will meticulously craft and oversee a comprehensive health and fitness plan, tailored to your specific goals.

From an in-depth analysis of your movement capabilities to the practical implementation of your customized Wellness plan, every aspect is planned and executed.

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Are you ready to shed weight and body fat, gain confidence and recapture the youthful,
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● Unlock Your Path to a Better You with SCULPT, where transformation is more than a
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● Weekly Accountability with Coach Sam: Your Personal Guide
● Thriving Community Support: Join the Weekly Group Video Call
Included in the SCULPT Program:
● Discovery Call: Your First Step to a Personalized Program
● Scientifically Designed Resistance Training Workouts: Your App's Fitness Blueprint
● Cardiovascular Workouts: Tailored to Your Individual Heart Rate Zones
● Personalized Macros/Calorie Recommendations: Fuel Your Transformation
● Nutrition Meal Plan + MyFitnessPal Link: Seamless Integration for Success
● Nutrition Recipe Booklet: Enjoy Tasty, Healthy Eating
● Daily Habits Tracking: Building Habits for a Healthier You
● Community Support via Weekly Group Zoom Call: Connect and Thrive Together
● Bi-Weekly Personalized Video Message: Coach Sam's Personal Encouragement
● Bi-Weekly 1 on 1 Zoom Call: Your Individual Progress Check
● Video Learning Modules: Build Your Knowledge for Lasting Results

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