Consultation with Talia Braun


Talia began her career as a Food and Medical Scientist, where she became an expert of biochemistry and endocrinology markers. When she was not conducting research, you would find her presenting at national and international conferences. ​Talia also authors and contribute to many pioneering scientific papers and her work can be found in Journal of endocrine society, Journal of hormone and metabolic research and molecular genetics and metabolism.

Talia has worked as an accredited practicing dietitian for a number of years. She has experience with body composition, weight loss, sports nutrition, disordered eating, gut health and complex medical conditions.

Talia works to deliver an exceptional client experience with personalized, evidenced based, holistic care and support.

Talia is available Wednesday evenings 6-7pm or Friday afternoon 1-2pm for a free 10 minute call to discuss your goals and background.

Consultation with Talia Braun

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