Consultation with Gigi Harms

Meet Gigi Harms: Your Fitness & Health Coach for sustainable Fat-Loss with long-lasting results.

Are you tired of the endless cycle of trying, failing and losing motivation? Are you stuck in the yo-yo cycle of losing fat and gaining it back as soon as you stop? Are you frustrated watching others succeed in achieving their dream body goals and thinking, "Why can't it be me?" Are you unhappy with the person who stares back at you when looking in the mirror? Are you tired of restrictive diets because they're hard to adhere to?

I hear you! I'm Gigi and I've been there too. It wasn't until I had my 2nd child and was over 40 that I found a way to transform my body. I've helped many other women transform their bodies through my results-driven methods. Not only did they achieve their desired dream bodies, lose body fat and get toned but they also learned how to maintain their dream bodies forever and live the lifestyle they want – happy and confident from the inside out.

I'll craft a personalised fitness program tailored to your unique needs, preferences and goals. The perfect combination of workouts, balanced nutrition mindset shifts and accountability will pave the way for lasting success.

If you're ready to transform your body, fitness and health, I'll show you that achieving your dream body isn't just a possibility – it will become your reality.

Reach out now and book your consultation call with Gigi.

Consultation with Gigi Harms

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12-Week Thrive Metabolic Fitness Program - Exclusive Fitness App
- 2 weeks Metabolic Prime Phase
- 10 weeks Metabolic Activation Phase
- 1:1 Coaching - 24/7 Support & Coaching
- Individualised Training Plans
- Individualised Nutrition Guidelines
- Weekly Check-ins
- Exercise Form Assessment
- Exclusive Access to Facebook THRIVE Community

Once payment is made you will receive a confirmation email from your consultant with a calendar booking link.

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