MOTS-C Fat Loss Peptide

    MOTS-C (10mg/mL) 10ml vial  - 10week cycle


    MOTS-C is a peptide of 16 amino acids produced by a Mitochondrial Gene and plays a key role in signalling and energy production. Specifically, MOTS-C has been shown to regulate metabolic functions throughout the body, including  turning glucose into usable energy. 

    MOTS-C is also used to increase performance in athletes as skeletal muscle has been shown to be the main target organ. 

    MOTS-C can be regarded as a potential exercise mimetic agent  (mimics exercise) and insulin sensitiser. 

    How MOTS-c May Help

    MOTS-c has a long list of possible benefits. Most notably, it may improve physical function, insulin sensitivity, age-related metabolic diseases, and obesity.

    • Encourages metabolic homeostasis (anti-ageing)
    • Increases skeletal muscle development and blood circulation
    • Encourages metabolic homeostasis (anti-ageing)
    • Promotes fatty acid metabolism in the liver
    • Helps control mitochondrial energy
    • Promotes metabolic flexibility and balance
    • Improves resistance to metabolic stress (anti-ageing)
    • Controls insulin sensitivity
    • Helps prevent diet-induced weight gain
    • Promotes the repair of bone and cartilage injury or degradation



    Contains 2 x 5ml vials of MOTS C (Potency 10mg/ml). This peptide can be taken as a subcutaneous injection.

    For your personal dosing instructions please see the email from the Medical Team containing your individual instructions. Dosing is subject to change at the prescribing Doctor’s discretion. Please do not change the dosage without Doctor’s approval. Please use the  Standard Dosing Information as a general guide only.



    NH2 - Met - Arg - Trp - Gln - Glu - Met - Gly - Tyr - Ile - Phe - Tyr - Pro - Arg - Lys - Leu - Arg - COOH

    MW= 2288.6 g/mol