Fat Loss Bundle

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    This Summer Shred Bundle is designed for those who are serious about that summer bod!! This  is the perfect weight loss combination that says good bye to those unwanted kilos and helps you retain your muscle mass. 

    Fat Loss Bundle Cream Contains 10 week cycle. 

    CJC 1295 + Ipamorelin Potency: 400mcg/ml 50ml Cream

    2 x AOD-9604: 300mcg/ml 50mL cream

     Fat Loss Bundle Vials Contains: 10 week cycle 

    1 x CJC 1295 + Ipamorelin Potency: 2000mcg/ML vial

    2 x AOD-9604: 1200mcg/ml 5ml Vial

    *** Please note. All injectables come with a 50 pack of syringes.  If you're purchasing a vial we recommend purchasing a sharpies box for safe disposal ***