Introducing our Nutritionist - Ellice!

    Hey guys! My name’s Ellice! I’m 35 years old, a qualified Nutritionist, Business Owner of a concept called Baller Nation, Master Boxing Trainer at Keep It Cleaner, and now, a very proud member of the BIOV8 Elite Team (yay!).

     I often get asked, “E, how are you so motivated?”. And, the truth is, I have this competitive something in my belly! It’s a ‘me v me situation’. And, thinking about it, it all comes back to my years of boxing training. It was always a 50:50 chance of me winning or someone else.

    From an early age I had to back myself every time. So, my mindset has always driven me to tell myself, “yes I can, I’ve got this, I can do that”.  

    So let me take this story back, to how my fitness story began and how it ramped up to where it is today!




    I grew up with two brothers, in Melbourne. Growing up with two brothers meant I needed to earn my stripes, rule my territory & space in the back seat of the family car!! (You’ll know exactly what I mean if you grew up with brothers too). From a young age I must admit I was pretty bossy! I had to be. I think that’s carried on with me since.

    When I was a young kid, I loved sport, I loved playing, and I also loved school. So much so that I was a triple A NERD! Slicked hair, always so neat & tidy. Bed made; clothes put away. That kinda kid.

     I remember I would love to compete in athletics, cross country, whatever I could play, and go home after school as soon as I could to dive into my homework, and I LOVED IT. I’d spend all night doing my homework, I didn’t really care what my pals were doing.

     Heading into high school was a mixed back for me. Early on I was bullied quite a lot. I always felt out of place as I loved my classes & didn’t seem to meet others that were like me! I still loved sport, still very active with my brothers, but channelling my way through high school only became enjoyable for me at Year 9, where my love for sport took over my love for classes. Still very academic, but sport was where it was at.

    I had a great time from here on in. Perhaps too much fun (my poor teachers). My two best friends at the time were both left handers like me, & I remember we would play any sport we possibly could, girls football where we would travel across AUS. Basketball, Netball, Volleyball – you name it. Whatever we could play, we played!

    I was always incredibly rough. Nice, but rough. I look back and shake my head but at the time, it was how you played sport. And it was at 15 that things started to change, I was introduced to boxing. I remember arriving for my regular spin class after school, the spin instructor didn’t show up. Instead? The boxing instructor was there, and a seed was planted!! Boxing isn’t only is it a combination of cardio, strength & skill, it’s one of the most powerful ways of finding that inner bada##!

     I fell in love with the idea of hitting something. And I remember channelling all of that energy from school sport into the boxing pads. Having grown up with older brothers, I was no stranger to embracing my more aggressive side — in a healthy, channelled way (wink wink). And so, boxing became a huge part of my life. It’s really shaped my confidence & strength helping me with all sorts of things at work & in life.

    After high school I completed a Biomedical Degree in Nutrition & since then, I have worked in a number of different roles really assisting me in evolving as a nutritionist and as a business woman.

     I’ve worked in a Women’s Eating Clinic, learning so much about behaviour & eating habits of women. As a nutritionist with Nestle Health Science in Paediatric & Aged, a NeuroScience Team, with F45 as their Global Nutritionist & much the same for 12RND Fitness. My love for women’s nutrition has grown ever since being the high light of this progression.

     My purpose sits with seeing women evolve in their own fitness & wellness journeys, who find means to feeling confident in their own skin. These women become fearless, powerful & empowered to live the life they deserve. No boundaries. Much like boxing. The sense of empowerment that comes from feeling strong & well, this is what drives me to achieve my optimal wellness much like it drives me to support other women.

     So now, this is one of the biggest core drivers in everything I do. To empower other women to strive for their best. And for me personally, it all comes down to mentality on a daily basis as these are the habits we form. Not just in training, but in thinking, feeling, behaving & living. I encourage women to push past any perceived barriers. I do think, it takes the right people, support & even someone guidance to do so.

     I train twice a day on most days. I don’t drink. I eat well. And I like to keep my thoughts raw & real as this helps me keep my mindset positive & strong. As my mindset & energy is a core driver for me, multi-tasking with training & work, I am working on my mental focus, energy, recovery & anti aging – so am starting my journey with BIOV8 on the CJC – 1295/GHRP2 2000mcg (I’m 65kg & 171cm tall).

     I am going to keep my journey actively showcased on my channels, keeping you updated on my mental clarity, energy, recovery & how I feel whilst using the science of optimisation!





    My top tip for newcomers striving for their fitness goals?


    Visualise what you want to achieve & believe that it will happen!

     When you believe that your dreams & goals are achievable, you success in achieving them becomes as real as gravity!  The power of your intention far outweighs the obstacles that arise & you learn to tap in to self-belief systems that power the mantras that build a mindset of success!

    Take the time to hone in on your thoughts, what you want & why!


    Reflection & introspection allows you to understand your current position, how you’re feeling & why. It allows you to examine your progress & provides the open space in your mind to create new strategies in overcoming whatever life throws your way! It’s powerful, it’s soul soothing & it’s important to connect with you along the way of perusing the goals we set.


    Learn to listen & deal with your thoughts!

     The truth is, no one is perfect! None of us can be positive all the time. A negative thought or emotion is in fact not a negative. But, we do need to deal with our emotions & thoughts in a productive manner that allows us to move forward without suppressing negativity. Negative thoughts are simply thoughts, they need to be dealt with so we don’t attach to them & inherit them with power. Exercise for example teaches you to overcome a physical & mental hurdle as you push past what you thought you couldn’t do, as it’s our attitude that allows us to push the boundaries & our body follows. In doing that, we look at the situation in a new angle, much the same as when we have a negative thought. Replacing the thought serves us well & we successfully achieve overcoming the hurdle. This is the power of a ‘winning mindset’.


    Don’t listen to haters!

     The trick is, much the same as when you’re playing in a team sport, overcome the situation by powering away by allowing the external judgement to affect your game or self judgement. Know that you are better than the situation & you will be!



     Calming your mind, your central nervous system is key in allowing you to be aware of your thoughts & emotions. It allows you to connect with yourself envisioning where you will be. Meditation varies widely, but practicing the breathing & stillness allows you to dissolve distractions & stress leaving them with clarity & flow in the direction you are to move in!


    Remain accountable!

     There’s a reason why fitness go’ers succeed in pushing the boundaries in their training & in life! Their habits while no one is watching exceeds their own expectations as they practice wellness while no one is watching, but them! When they go home, they are accountable for their actions because they ‘want better’, they remain in the zone because they feel the rewards from doing so. Their goals mean something to them, more so than splurging in desserts & alcohol as it’s far more rewarding to entice their actions towards their goals than towards indulgence for different reasons. It’s the ability to remain authentic to their goals while no one is watching that allows them to progress in their fitness journeys!


    Training allows you to constantly learn! The minute someone thinks they’re can no longer become ‘better’ or ‘grow’ in their skills towards a goal, is the minute they no longer become excellent in their sport. Learning is a key ingredient for a growth mindset. One that is capable of anything.


    They have clear goals

     Goals are EVERYTHING! Know what you want & you’ll get it! Writing down your goals & voicing them out aloud allows you to filter through them making them realistic & relevant to you keeping them in the forefront of your mind!


    Keep sweating it out!

     Moving the body in exercise opens more than a handful of oxygen pathways to the brain increasing blood flow stimulating your happy endorphins! It’s also a great way of ensuring stress doesn’t get the best of us!


    In fact, long term stress can deplete our brain of a particular protein (BDNF) & exercise is the ONLY way we can bring this protein back up to adequate levels in the brain as it works on the hypothalamus to make new cells hence increasing BDNF!


    Try & have fun with your exercise routine & surround yourself with supportive, like-minded people that make you FEEL good!


    Have fun!

     Everyone needs to have fun! Laughing & being silly is key to releasing the same endorphins as sweating it out! The ‘feel good’ chemicals enable us to get rid of any negativity & stress! At the end of the day, coming home with a smile is what it’s all about. The journey is everything.

    A strong mindset can push anyone to overcome any limitation they may set & it’s more than simply refusing to quit. It’s a combination of awareness, focus & resiliency. It allows you to focus on your intentions rather than negative thoughts. It allows you to understand that struggle is impermanent & won’t derail your success. It keeps you from making self-destructive decisions!