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Our journey is continually evolving. We continue to share best practice tips and advice, and help trade innovative industry experience and expertise between organisations. Each of these affiliations shares our passion to develop the role of Human Optimisation. 

We are delighted that the following organisations have chosen to affiliate with us in order to support our work and extend our mission  - to give everyone the opportunity to feel stronger, younger and smarter.

Your wellness journey starts with BIOV8, discover your full potential. 

Recovery Lab


When you know more, you can do more. Recovery Lab was forged from the desire to educate and redefine the way we recover from the demands of everyday life and physical training.

Education, growth and development is at the heart of everything we do. Our goal is for every client to understand the physical and mental mechanics of recovery. We want them to not only feel better, but also recognise how and why their performance and wellbeing can be improved and optimised.

Recovery Lab was built for the people, by the people, growing a community of like-minded individuals who are not only looking to improve their athletic or work performance, but to also relieve physical and mental fatigue from sport, work or everyday life.



Yootropics™ is an Australian supplement company focused on becoming a market leader through innovation and an obsession with quality.

We use only active ingredients that are approved for use in Australia and have claims that are backed by deep and widely supported clinical research.

Following the rapid sales success of our first version of our Universal Nootropic, Brain, our team has worked closely with the TGA, our expert medical team, and our TGA Approved pharmaceutical manufacturing partner to design and produce Australia's leading nootropic, and also the first nootropic to receive TGA listing approval.

Cryo Strathfield

°CRYO Stay Young is the leading and fastest-growing cryotherapy franchise globally, with the use of state-of-the-art technology, highest levels of safety and a globally proven customer-focused business model. °CRYO opened its first clinic in Dubai 2013 in July through the direct sister affiliation with °CRYO Science. Our Cryotherpay centers are the number one destination for the most advanced and effective Cryotherapy treatments in the world.



At Joovv our mission is simple, we want to make people stronger, more balanced, happier, and ultimately healthier through harnessing the power of light and innovation. We're built from the endless pursuit to heal the human body and optimize it to its fullest potential so life can be enjoyable.

We believe balance is the key to achieving health and wellness. Just like diet and exercise, light is a crucial ingredient for human health. Today's indoor modern lifestyle has made it nearly impossible to achieve a balance which is why we designed our products for at-home use for the entire family so you can utilize the healing power of light day or night.

We are committed to educating, researching, innovating, and engineering the safest, most effective light therapy devices in the world.

Inside Tracker

BIOV8 customers can get 25% off the entire InsideTracker store.

Founded by leading scientists in aging, genetics, and biometric data, InsideTracker is an ultra-personalized performance platform like no other. 

First, we use our patented algorithm to analyze your body’s data and provide you with a clear picture of what's going on inside you. Then we offer you science-backed recommendations for positive diet and lifestyle changes. Finally, we give you a concrete action plan and track your progress toward reaching your goals every day, every step of the way. 

Suns Stream Saunas


Sun Stream Infrared Saunas is a family owned business that is passionate about assisting others with their health and wellness. Our awareness of the healing power of Infrared Saunas was only realised after (Asano) suffered her our own personal health crisis. It is our hope that many people can experience an improved quality of life with less toxins and pain through the use of our Sun Stream Infrared saunas.

Achieving good health in a world full of toxins has become a daily challenge for all humans. When you buy a sauna, you can experience one of the best ways to release those toxins and maintain a healthy body.

Boost Oxygen


Boost Oxygen Australasia was introduced to Australia at the start of 2019 and we then acquired Boost Oxygen New Zealand in October 2021. Founded in 2007 in the US, Boost Oxygen is currently the best-selling and most trusted oxygen canister brand in the world.

Initially used by people visiting high altitude locations, professional and amateur athletes, Boost Oxygen has also now become a lifestyle product for social sportspeople, avid gym users, within health, wellness and beauty, senior citizens and celebrities alike!

A few deep breaths of Boost Oxygen can help you be at your best. Help is Here!


Founded in 2015 by Ed Zouroudis and Kelly Weideman, Evolt is
an innovative wellness company that is powering connected and digital health.

We have developed a unique end-to-end solution that tracks detailed changes in the quality of the activity, body composition and nutrition as well as sophisticated data analytics for member body composition changes.

In just a few short years Evolt has become a global player, securing contracts across multiple vertical channels, from health insurers, health and fitness and retail to government bodies and some of the world’s largest gym chains.

Higher States Collective

The No.1 science-based training for achieving higher Consciousness. A 90 days training journey to become fully alive and reach your most ambitious goals without stress or sacrificing your private life.

In collaboration with neuroscientists, psychologists, top athletes, and research from leading universities, we have developed a unique training program. This training aims to access Flow and Higher Consciousness on demand, recover faster than ever before, boost your productivity, and unlock a limitless mindset. You'll learn simple steps to measurably increase your focus and health while regaining more time and quality for your personal life. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to learn breakthrough protocols from Silicon Valley CEOs, top athletes, Navy Seals, and world-leading scientist.

Sports and Spines Physio

Andre Rickenbach:
BHSc (Physiotherapy, University of Auckland)
MHSc (Physioltherapy, University of Auckland)
MEd (Kinesiology, Exercise Science, University of Texas)

Besides having a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy I also have a Master’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Texas at Austin and a Level II ASCA (Australian Strength and Conditioning) certificate. Head Physiotherapist for the Manly Sea Eagles (2003-2018 ).  As Head Physio at the Sea Eagles, I was in charge of management of the top 30 injuries which included diagnosing, treating and rehabilitation for return to training and games as well as authoring rehab and prehab programmes. I also oversaw the junior physiotherapy programme for Harold Mathews, SG Ball and Jersey Flegg.

Prior to working with the Sea Eagles I managed a back rehabilitation centre in New Jersey, USA where the focus was on exercise rehabilitation for chronic back conditions and returning the client to work.

I have worked with a number of sports teams and associations (besides the Sea Eagles), including The NZ Kiwis (rugby league), NSWRL, the Junior Kangaroos (rugby league), Surfing Australia, Northern Spirit Soccer, Curl Curl men’s premier football, Beacon Hill men’s premier football, NSW volleyball and Pacheco Jiu Jitsu.

Since leaving the Manly Sea Eagles I have open a physiotherapy clinic in Brookvale, attached to World Gym.

Unit 8/91-13 Winbourne Rd, Brookvale

My time at the Sea Eagles has enabled me to develop strong relationships with top Orthopaedic Surgeons, Sports Doctors and Radiologists and I can help guide you in their direction if needed.

GMC Cosmedical

Our goal is to improve your sense of wellbeing while respecting and preserving your unique attributes. Aesthetic (cosmetic) medicine, encompasses a wide range of procedures, which allows us to restore or reshape those features that make you feel less desirable, improving your appearance and restoring your self-esteem.

GMC Cosmedical has been performing state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures for the past 30 years. Our clinics offer the most advanced technology and experience required to produce the most satisfying results. We have a wide range of cosmetic procedures available, including laser treatment for photo-rejuvenation, Laser facial skin toning and lightening for all skin types, radiofrequency treatments for face and body rejuvenation, laser tattoo removal, laser facial skin resurfacing, removal of capillaries and pigmentation,  wrinkle smoothing injections, wrinkle filling and skin treatment, cosmetic dermatology, skin cancer care, hair regrowth, removal of veins, permanent hair removal and much more. We have clinics in Randwick and Narellan for your convenience.

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