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Paving the Way to Sustainable Well-being Dr. Christopher Maclay, a dedicated General Practitioner with a deep commitment to integrative and functional medicine, cordially invites you to join a transformative journey towards lasting health and longevity.

Rather than merely addressing age-related decline and illnesses, why not target the aging process itself? BIOV8 introduces an innovative and affordable approach that goes beyond conventional paradigms. It shifts the focus from merely alleviating age-related ailments to recognizing aging itself as the primary risk factor for chronic diseases and loss of independence.

Referred to as biogerontology, this novel approach to preventive care begins with a comprehensive health assessment, including a thorough health questionnaire, pathology tests, and the determination of your biological age - the age of your cells and metabolism. If age-related diseases are detected, additional referrals or consultations may be recommended. Subsequently, a consultation is scheduled to discuss the findings and propose a personalised Healthspan Lifeplan.


This plan may encompass carefully tailored regimens involving dietary adjustments, lifestyle enhancements, supplementation, and, if necessary, pharmaceutical interventions. During this consultation, diet, exercise, supplementation, and medications will be thoroughly discussed. You will leave with a well-defined strategy to slow down or reverse your biological aging, along with scheduled follow-up assessments and adjustments, allowing for continuous refinement and integration of emerging technological advancements.

Comprehensive Healthspan Life Plans offer the opportunity to rejuvenate your well-being, reignite your vitality, and envision a future where aging is not a burden but a continuum of thriving. Explore the means to rewrite the narrative of your aging journey and begin living your healthiest and most vibrant life today.

Consult with Dr. Christopher Maclay to embark on your personalized Healthspan Lifeplan.

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